OSX升级 EI Capitan 之后,Windows移植过来了NBA 2K14无法启动怎么解决?

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双击 App 后弹窗出现如下提示: The application X11 could not be opened. An error occurred while starting the X11 server: "Failed to activate core devices." Click Quit to quit X11. Click Report to see more details or send a report to Apple. 问题一:出现这个提示,该怎么操作?前提,保持 EI Capitan。 于此,也参考过网络上的一些解决方法,其中尝试过的能够正常进入游戏的的某种方式是: NBA 2K14 显示包内容…
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我升完级也遇到过 此问题,根据 Wineskin 官网的公告:

Wineskin does not currently work correctly on El Capitan. The issue is being looked into, but I have no ETA for a fix. I'll get a fix out as soon as I can.

Some people have been able to upgrade to the latest version of XQuartz, and change their wrappers to use XQuartz and not WineskinX11 and have gotten wrappers to work, but this method has not worked for everyone.

Please add to the discussion here if you are helping find a solution.

可以得知是因为旧版本 Wineskin Wrapper 在 OS X EI Caption 下会出现 bug,现在官方发布的最新版本已经修复了此 bug,要修复游戏本身的话只需要重新生成一个新的 Wineskin Wrapper 然后将游戏替换进去即可。

具体步骤可以参考我之前写的博文:解决升级 OS X EI Capitan 后 Wineskin 打包的游戏无法运行的问题

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