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July 6 2009It was the first day of our summer holiday. All of us were very happy. Why? Because we have one months to do things we love to do. We are free.Although we have some homework. But we can finish them in several days. And the rest time we can make good use of. My god! We have been very tired after hard studying. In winter holidays, I want to have full sleepand eat good food in order to replenish myself. Last but not the least, I will have a good rest.这是第一天,我们的暑假。我们大家都非常高兴。为什么?因为我们有一个月的事我们都爱做的事。我们很空闲.虽然我们有一些功课。但是,我们可以完成他们的若干天。其余的时间我们可以好好利用。我的上帝!我们已经很疲惫后很难学习。在冬季假期,我希望能有充分的很好吃的食物,以补充自己。最后但并非最不重要,我会好好休息。July 9 2009It was the second day of our summer holiday. I felt good. I felt I am free. I had a lot of time to do things I like. My parents are in Zhongshan. So I live alone but I don’t feel lonely. But I didn’t do something special. I stayed at home and watched TV. Oh! I wrote an Englishdaily composition. It was my homework. Today, I have slept for 14 hours.I thought I was very tired. It was time for dinner. I must go! I am very hungry.这是我们第二天的暑假。我感觉很好。我觉得我很自由。我有很多时间做我喜欢。我的父母都在中山。所以,我独自生活,但我并不感到孤独。但是,我没有做什么特别。我住在家里看电视。噢!我写了英语日记组成。这是我的功课。今天,我睡了14 小时.我以为我很疲惫。现在是吃晚饭。我必须去!我非常渴望。July 10 2009I am planning to spend my summer holiday on sports this year. Playing basketball is always my favourite, so some of my classmates and I will form a small team and play basketball together. Sometimes we may have a match against some other teams and I do enjoy the sense when we win the game.我计划花费我暑假体育今年。打篮球是我最喜欢的,所以我的一些同学和我将组建一个小团队,一起打篮球。有时,我们可能有一些其他的比赛队伍和我喜欢的感觉,当我们赢了这场比赛。July 14 2009Today I found time was a cruel thing. Whatever man is, time always goes on. It won’t stay to wait for somebody. You can’t use anything to exchange time. Time is also a fair thing. Although you have a lot of money or you enjoy high reputation, time won’t leave them more. Today I found I hadn’t enough time. Although I have more than a-month holiday, but I found I had a lot of things to do. I had a lot of homework to do and I am essential to complete the homework as soon as I have time.今天,我发现时间是一个残忍的事情。无论男人,总是对的时间。它不会留下来等待某人。您不能使用任何交流时间。时间也是一个公平的事情。虽然你有很多钱,或者您享有很高的声誉,时间不会离开他们更多。今天,我发现我已经没有足够的时间。虽然我已经超过一个月假期,但我发现我有很多事情要做。我有很多功课要做,我必须完成的功课只要我有时间。July 16 2009I have rested for 10 days. In these days, I felt very bored. I didn’t know to do what. Although I had a lot of things to do, I felt uncomfortable. I was ill because of the hot weather. I was tired, sleepy and had no strength. My parents are worried about my health. in fact, it didn’t matter. I was always in the room with air-conditioner and opened it in a low temperature. So when I went out, the high temperature disagreed to me.At last, I was ill.我已经休息了10天。在这些日子里,我觉得很无聊。我不知道做什么。虽然我有很多事情要做,我觉得不舒服。我生病是因为炎热的天气。我累了,困,也没有力量。我的父母担心我的健康。事实上,这并不重要。我总是在房间空调打开了它在低温。因此,当我走了出去,高温不给我.在最后,我被虐待。July 16 2009It was sunny today. I was excited. I got up at a quarter to seven. I made a appointment to meet at nine o’clock. After I had my breakfast, I went to the Wanjia Market . It was hot outside. When I arrived, my friends didn’t arrive. I waited for him in front of the KFC’s door. I haven’t seen them for a year. And in a year, we didn’t come into contact with others frequently. About ten minutes left, my friends arrived one by one. After we greeted,we went to play basketball in Liwan Gymnasium. The match last for tow hours.Oh!I fill very happy today!这是今天阳光明媚。我很兴奋。我得到了在六时四十五分。我的任命,以满足九点钟。之后,我有我的早餐,我去了万家市场。这是热外面。当我到达,我的朋友们并没有达成。我等待着他前面的肯德基的大门。我还没有看到他们为一年。并在一年内,我们没有接触到其他人频繁。约10分钟离开,我的朋友们来到一个又一个。在我们迎接,我们去打球荔湾体育馆。这场比赛最后的拖车小时.Oh ,我非常高兴今天填补!July 19 2009Yesterday we played happily, but there were only ten people. I remembered last year there were twenty-two people at all. I heard some my friends had gone abroad. They went abroad to study. Maybe I couldn’t see them in the future. I think next year we won’t make a party. Next year is a very important year. We all will prepare the new term’s new subject.I know, it is the most important for us now.昨天,我们高兴地发挥,但只有10人。我记得去年有22人在所有。我听到一些我的朋友已经出国。他们去国外学习。也许我没有看到他们的未来。我想明年我们将不作党。明年是一个非常重要的一年。我们都将编制新的任期的新课程.我知道,这是最重要的是,我们现在。July 18 2009It is very hot and wet today and is called sauna weather.During my mom did the cooking in the kitchen, I saw her head was sweaty.I told her I could help her and she accepted.After cooking,we were all sweaty .However, mum and I all felt happy. She said I was growing up and became her good assistant.这是非常炎热和潮湿的今天,被称为桑拿天气。在我妈妈没有做饭的厨房,我看到她的头部很漂亮.我告诉她,我可以帮助她,她接受。经过烹饪,我们都汗流浃背。然而,妈妈和我都感到高兴。她说,我的成长过程,并成为她的好助手。July 19 2009I think my teacher got out of bedon the wtong side this afternoon as she hasn’t cries.i went to office saw the boys unhappy.Because the students got their teacher’s goat became they didn’t do their homework..I think this is my teacher unhappy’s cause. Today, I saw a boy ,he played the handset.But didn’t saw the walls so he Rnocked we laugh up our sleeve at he knocked ,but he hurt his norse in the accident, and he was laying it on thick about how painful it was .It’s also a happy day, isn’t it ?我想我的老师走出bedon的错误方向今天下午,她就一直没有哭.我到办公室看到男孩不高兴.因为学生得到老师的山羊成为他们没有做功课..我认为这是我的老师不愉快的事业。今天,我看到了一个男孩,他发挥了handset.但是没有看到这样的墙壁,他使我们笑了我们套在他撞倒,但他伤了挪威在这起事故,他就铺设厚如何痛苦这是。这也是一个快乐的日子,是不是?2009, July 20I went to summer camp on vacation. On the first day, we went to a beautiful beach. It was a sunny and hot day, so we went swimming. The water was warm and we had great fun. Then the next day, we went to the mountains. There were many trees and I really enjoyed them. On the last day, we had a great party. We sang and danced happily. We didn’t want to leave(离开) the friends and the teachers. I hope I can go to summer camp again next year.我去夏令营度假。第一天,我们去了美丽的海滩。这是一个阳光和炎热的一天,所以我们去游泳。水是温暖的,我们有很大的乐趣。然后第二天,我们去了山区。有许多树木,我非常喜欢他们。在最后一天,我们有一个伟大的党。我们高兴地载歌载舞。我们不想离开(离开)的朋友和老师。我希望我可以去夏令营明年再次。2009,July 21I had a good time last weekend. On Sunday morning, I stayed at home and did my homework. The homework wasn’t difficult. After that, I played volleyball with my friends. It was tired, but very exciting. In the afternoon, I cooked dinner for my parents. It was a little difficult, I think. After dinner, I went to swim in the river. I can swim very well. I had a relaxing weekend.我有一个很好的时间上周末。星期天早上,我留在家里和我的家庭作业。作业并不困难。在此之后,我打排球我的朋友。这是很累,但非常兴奋。下午,我煮晚餐我的父母。这是一个什么困难,我想。晚餐后,我去游泳,在河里。我可以游得很好。我有一个轻松的周末。
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