Run To The Sun 歌词

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Run To The Sun 歌词

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歌曲名:Run To The Sun歌手:N.E.R.D.专辑:Lifestyle2 - Soul Grooves Vol 2Thinking about the time we shareAnd how I wasn't thereIt hurt meThese people overwork meThen I heard maybe soon you'll leaveExcuse me lord if you have tricks up your sleeveI'm not ready to be bereavedI know I'm always asking for somethingOr anotherBut this time, it's just time'Cause I love herBut baby if he don't change his mindOr fate or timeGirl I want to leave you with this lineIt goes while you're hereI wanna tell you somethingIt's that I love you girlYeah, and I wish we could run to the sunAnd never come backYeahThat symbolize our livesAnd threw them in the oceanNow they're on the ocean floor coastin''Til they stop rollin' so farThat no sonar would list themTo the point that no one would even believe that we existedI know that may sound twistedBut my neglect is killin' meI feel so guiltyPlease have faith if you feel meThough you're probably feelin' blueAnd you'll do what you must doI hope you knowI'd hand the skies to youI'm so embarrassed for mankindThey have the nerve to let their weapon shineThey're so stupidDo they not know you're about to fly highAwayWith the wings that God will give you somedayI'm not jealousI just can't take itS.O.S. to your ears, the only thing I ever feared was this dayAnd having to


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